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There are many types of commercial insurance that offer valuable protection to a business whose activities involve manufacturing or industrial products and processes in a factory, plant or workshop environment.


Product Liability

This protects you against legal liability you may incur as a result of a product that you manufacture or supply if faulty or defective and causes loss or injury to a person or a business.  See also public liability and employers liability


Business Interruption and Loss of Profit

Carefully consider the impact of an interruption of your business due to an Insured Risk - not only at your own premises but also at those of key customers and suppliers who are important to the smooth operation of your business.  Business interruption insurance will compensate for the short-fall in gross profit together with paying any increased working costs and extra accountants’ fees

Also,failure of public utilities ie water, electricity, gas could have a negative effect on your ability to trade.

Make sure the appropriate cover is in place.


Material Damage

Damage to your property or machinery, or loss of stock, could seriously disrupt your business leading to loss of income and extra expenses incurred.



Engineering insurance provides cover against electrical or mechanical breakdown for most machinery, including computers. By law, many items of plant such as boilers, lifts and lifting machinery must be inspected regularly by a qualified person.

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